Cars Most Often Chosen By Gamblers

November 16, 2022

Almost everyone likes cars and dreams of having one of the best vehicles to drive across a glamorous city. Gamblers are not an exception. Even with their passion for diverse casino games, each of them is a great fan of luxury cars. To prove this fact, we will speak about the most famous punters and the vehicles they adore.

Why Do Punters Like Cars?

People interested in various types of gaming are very fond of cars. The majority of them are men. However, we can find car fans and experts among women as well. When playing various computer games, for instance, GTA V, every gamer adores driving various luxurious cars to travel across perfectly drawn cities and towns. Along with video games, cars are popular in betting. There’re many fans of car racing who are eager to bet on their favorite racer.

Cars are also widely used as a relevant theme for diverse slots. There’re various pokies devoted to car racing, which everyone can play at minimum deposit casinos:

  • Autodromo by Novomatic
  • The Wild Chase: Tokyo Go by Quickspin
  • Drive: Mayhem Multiplier by NetEnt
  • Green Light by Real Time Gaming, etc.

There’re many other reasons for punters to like and buy cars:

  • They make us independent and allow going anywhere at any time
  • They are comfortable and convenient
  • They can demonstrate a high status
  • They provide a safer environment for people during the pandemic compared to public transport
  • They provide privacy
  • They allow for saving time and travel very fast
  • They allow enjoy driving
  • They can become an expression of our personality.

Popular Players And Their Cars

Many gamblers adore cars and want to obtain at least one luxurious sample in a collection. To give a prominent example, we’re going to speak about the most famous poker sharks and their vehicles:

P. Ivey – Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (About 500,000 EUR)

This man is a superstar in the world of poker. He’s cunning and extremely talented. Phil has already obtained 10 prizes during the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and a title during the World Poker Tour (WPT).

The vehicle selected by the player reflects his personality. It’s an outstanding car, which can drive at an extremely high speed. The vehicle is exceptional and has unique specifications.

P. Antonius – Aston Martin Vanquish (About 300,000 EUR)

He is a well-known poker shark in history. Patrik is known for his participation in diverse online tournaments. Once, he even managed to win over 1 million USD. The player is also famous for his victory in the European Poker Tour. Even though he works as a model now, he is still known as the Terminator in the world of poker. The car selected by Patrik isn’t flashy but it is still classy and gathered almost fully manually.

V. Rousso – Bentley GT (210,000 EUR)

This woman is one of the prominent sharks in poker. She is considered the best female player in the world. Years in professional poker have brought her almost 4 million USD. This woman is very proud of her talent and achievements. She isn’t afraid to stand out, which made her choose such an amazing car. The latest has a monumental design created by a classic British manufacturer.

D. Negreanu – Tesla S (100,00 EUR)

This man is called one of the best poker players of all time. He has prizes for six WSOP events and two titles for WPT events. Daniel likes luxurious things and also thinks about the environment. Thus, his choice was obvious. And to stand out, even more, he chose a scarlet color for his vehicle. The player selected an interesting alternative instead of a classic sports car (like one of those his colleagues bought). It makes him even more prominent.

D. Minieri – Porsche Cayman (60,000 EUR)

Being quite a young guy, he has already managed to become one of the top players in Europe. In 2008, Dario obtained his first prize during WSOP. His talent allowed him to earn money for an amazing vehicle in a metallic blue color. This sports car is cheaper compared to his colleagues’ ones. However, it’s still classy and nice.

We can conclude that in the majority of cases, gamblers prefer sports cars. Surely, not everyone can afford them. And they are far from family vehicles. But still, they allow demonstrating the status, taste, and elegance of professional players.

Can You Buy a Car With The Help of Gambling?

Every fan of games of chance and card games secretly dreams of winning enough cash to purchase a glamorous vehicle. Theoretically, it’s possible. However, it’s required to take many details into account. There exist 2 ways to become a car owner:

  • Choose casinos, which offer to win a car
  • Try to win a jackpot.

Vehicles might be offered as prizes within the promos and giveaways framework. Punters can participate in them and the case of luck win a car. Such promotions are organized to attract more people and make certain gambling venues more popular.

Speaking about a jackpot, it’s a more difficult way. It’s very hard to win the casino and get a huge sum. Especially, when it concerns games of chance. At the same time, the history of gambling demonstrates to us that such situations happen. It’s even possible to win a jackpot at an Internet casino. Many games contain progressive jackpots, which are quite generous. Just choose a reliable gaming facility with suitable payment tools and take your chance.


Gamblers as well as many other people like cars. Sports cars turned out to be the most favorable among punters. Now, that you know the tastes of professional players, you can form your dream in case you win a generous reward at one of the modern casinos.