Career Summary:

Patrick Assenheimer

  • April 28, 1992
  • 28
  • Germany
  • Blancpain Gt Series
  • 112
  • Black Falcon
  • 5
  • 15
  • 4.46%
  • 13.39%

Patrick Assenheimer, born on 28th of April 1992 in Heilbron, is German racing driver who is still paving the way to the top of GT racing.

Two consecutive wins at Nurburgring 24h

His first steps in GT category were with the local team AutoArenA Motorsport. In 2011, Assenheimer competed in VLN series and debuted at 24 Hours of Nurburgring. It was triumphant debut as he won the V4 class driving a Mercedes-Benz C230 alongside Hannes Pfledderer and Marc Marbach.

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Patrick and his co-drivers after victory at Nurburgring 24h

In the following year, Assenheimer continued with his duties in VLN and scored several class victories. He also defended his Nurburgring 24h V4 class crown, again sharing the seat of Mercedes C230 with the same co-drivers.

Debut in MINI Trophy and ADAC GT Masters

Patrick narrowly missed a third consecutive win in Nurburgring 24h. In 2013 his crew finished 2nd in V4 class. He also continued with his duties in VLN but also debuted in MINI Trophy for the Petronas-Assenheimer Racing Team. In his only season in the series, Patrick was able to reach the 5th place overall after victory in the MINI Trophy race at Nurburgring.

The 2014 season was quite successful for the Heilbron-born racer. For the third time in his career, he won V4 class 24 Hours of Nurburgring, again with Marbach and Pfledderer as co-drivers of Mercedes C230. Patrick also finished 3rd in the VLN Junior Trophy overall standings.

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Driving the Mercedes C230 at Nurburgring

Finally, Assenheimer also debuted in the ADAC GT Masters, driving the Callaway Competition’s Corvette Z06 R GT3 alongside Diego Alessi. After picking up 32 points, they finished 27th in the standings.

Expanding the activities

In 2015 Assenheimer for the fourth time won the V4 class at Nurburgring 24h and continued to race in VLN. Already a quite experienced endurance racer, he also debuted in the 24h Series. In the season-opening race at Dubai Autodrome, he drove Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 alongside Alex Muller, Lance David Arnold, and Valentin Pierburg, while in the penultimate race of the season in Barcelona he was a member of RWT Racing Team’s crew, driving a Corvette alongside Sven Barth, Gerd Beisel, Joachim Kiesch, and Maximilian Stein.

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Patrick Assenheimer

In the ADAC GT Masters, Assenheimer stayed with Callaway Competition and with Diego Alessi as co-driver. Their results were pretty the same like in the previous year and they finished 23rd in the final standings after narrowly missing the podium place in two races.

Maiden podium finish in ADAC GT Masters

The season of 2016 was full of duties for the German driver. He was 2nd in the V4 class at Nurburgring 24h. Assenheimer also continued to race in VLN and selected rounds of 24h Series.

However, the most notable results he scored in ADAC GT Masters. In his third year with Callaway Competition, this time driving a Corvette C7 GT3-R alongside Dominik Schwager, Patrick scored his maiden podium finish. He finished 3rd in the first race at Lausitzring, while in the second race he took the 2nd place. he moved up to the 10th place in the ADAC GT Masters Drivers’ Championship and also was 3rd in the Junior class.

Patrick Callaway Competition Corvette ADAC GT Masters 2017 rennen

Driving a Callaway Competition's Corvette at Lausitzring, 2016 ADAC GT Masters

In 2017 Assenheimer joined HTP Motorsport. In ADAC GT Masters he will drive a Mercedes-AMG GT3 alongside former Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup champion Maximilian Gotz. With the same team, he will also compete in Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup, with Indy Dontje and Kenneth Heyer as co-drivers. Patrick also will appear in selected rounds of 24h Series.