Having Your Brand New Car Delivered

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You’ve chosen your car, paid for it, it’s now time to get it delivered to you and you are very excited to have the keys jingle in your hand. You are eager to show it off to your family and friends, drive it around and most importantly celebrate the big win with your loved ones.

But there’s also the issue of how to get your car safely delivered to you. Whether you are very far or near, be assured you are getting your car delivered to you in perfect condition if you keep reading.

There are certain things you need to think of before getting your car delivered. Check out these tips for making the process as smooth as possible.

Best Car Delivery Options


Road Train Truck

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While it may look safer and cheaper driving your car across the country or state yourself, you might want to check out the cost of gas, hotel or motels, feeding, and other expenses attached to road travel.

There is a safer and better option for your car’s delivery and it is by choosing the best car shipping option. Below are the best shipping options for your new car:

  1. Open-Air Truck
  2. Enclosed Truck
  3. Cargo Container
  4. Train Transporting


Three Steps to Follow When Taking Your New Car Delivery


Auto Repair Shop

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When taking delivery of your car, you should ensure everything is in perfect order because a mistake on your part at that moment could lead to inconveniences or even a waste of money. Here are simple steps to follow to avoid unfortunate circumstances:

  • Interior and Exterior Inspection

You need to check the exterior and the interior of the car for indicators of repainted parts, repairs, window cracks, surface scratches, reading lamp malfunction, stiff seatbelts, and tears on the seats, dashboard, and door pads.


In this case, it is usually better if you take along with you a mechanic or car specialist to check out the car for you. But if you can do it well and have good eyes, then you can go alone. All that matters is getting a brand new car and not one masqueraded as one.


  • Test Drive Before and After Delivery

There’s a lot that could be revealed with a test drive, especially mechanical malfunctions like a damaged engine, flat tires, suspension noises, and stiff steering wheel or gearbox. The sole aim of test driving is to check the car’s mechanical issues and how perfect they are. Although it would have been done before placing the purchase, there’s no harm in doing it again when your car is delivered.


  • Check the Vehicle’s Paperwork

Checking the new car’s paperwork is paramount. In fact, there’s a lot to check – the car’s Vehicle Identification Number should match with the bill of sale and registration certificate, the car’s month and year of manufacturing, the car’s engine and chassis number should also be the same as the one on the invoice. The purchase details should also be correct and well spelled to avoid errors in the delivery.

Finding the Right Transport Company for Your Car Shipping


Before you choose an auto transport company for your car shipping, there are a lot of things to do. Because there are thousands of transport companies online who claim to be the best in the industry, true or not. How do you get to separate the best from the mediocre? Here’s how

  • Research

The only way to choose the right transport company for your car is by doing extensive research on all the transport companies you select rather than sticking with the first one you see. Check where each company lacks and what makes some stand out in the sea of other companies.


  • Experience

Take a background check on how long the transport company has been in the industry. It is the length of years in the industry that forms an excellent, reliable, and trained car transport company.


  • Customer service

Customer service speaks a lot about any company. The way you are being treated as a customer will prove whether they are capable of delivering accordingly and as promised. You can put a call through to them and watch how they respond. If your call is answered smartly, intelligibly, and courteously, then you can expect their services to be exceptional.


  • Testimonials & Reviews

By all means, check the testimonials and reviews on their website or social media pages. It will be worth it because that is how you get to know the faults and flaws of the shipping company and decide whether to work with them or not. Don’t see it as a waste of time because it will give you great insight into how you will be treated as a customer.


  • Tracking system

It is really wise to check if your transport company has a tracking system that lets you know your car’s status while in haulage. Also, check how functional and reliable their tracking system is to avoid being scammed.


  • Transport Carriers & Cost-Effectiveness

There are two types of carriers: Open-plan and enclosed carriers. Open-plan carriers are usually available and more affordable while the enclosed carriers less available and more expensive.


However, they can be a safer method of transporting your new car. With a brand new car, you might want to opt for an enclosed carrier because they protect the car from external elements that can damage the car’s exterior.


  • Car shipping company survey

Ask people around you for their car shipping experiences, their car shipping company recommendation, search Google for people’s reviews and pay attention to important details, not just the flattery comments.


  • Take your time

You don’t have to rush into making a decision. Give yourself plenty of time to think it through and make your judgments based on your research and survey. Ensure that you think thoroughly because a single error from you could ruin your excitement and even damage your precious new car.



You can be thrown into confusion or be in a tight spot just at the thought of how to get your new car delivered safely but if you read this article thoroughly, you will have no trouble choosing the right company and also the best way to have your car delivered safely.

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