How Students Can Start a Motorsport Career

September 14, 2021
Advice, Automotive

Dreaming about the rally, students often lose their minds. Luckily, there is nothing impossible today! If you’ve been thinking about a motorsport career for a long time, it is time to start acting. Yet, if you need to think not only about racing but also about educational achievements, ask such online services as WritingCheap for help with your homework. It will increase your chances to manage assignments faster and dedicate more time to motorsport. Continue reading to find out what steps you should take to approach your motorsport dream.

  1. Find your mentor.

It is necessary to find not a good teacher on motorsport, but especially YOUR teacher. It differs from the general understanding of correct mentoring because there are no rules. Focus on an individual approach and clarify with your potential teacher whether they are attentive to your demands and how they can implement your sports ambitions. If you feel you’ve chosen the right person, you can make a schedule of training.

  1. Practice on a simulator.

Before going to the race track, you need to develop your driving skills. Pay attention to good driving simulators and choose the most relevant to your current competence on the kart. Ask your mentor what simulator to select and request help any time you need it. This will sharpen your ability to make fast decisions on a complex road circuit and improve maneuvers.

  1. Fitness wisely.

Consult with your mentor about physical activities except for karting and define which exercises fit you most. Your body should be ready for tension, and you need to learn to relax in various situations on track. High-level readiness for stressful activity is essential for a professional motorsport driver. Thus, think about daily training that empowers your body and strengthens it before a real track adventure.

  1. Manage your time.

It is crucial for students to dedicate time to practice. Still, it is difficult to do when you need to prepare for your classes as well. Organize your schedule and split studying hours from other activities. Anyway, to become a professional motorsport racer, you need to spend at least eight hours per week driving with your tutor. It is meant not tutor from your college, but motorsport driving school. Hopefully, you’ve got the joke, yeah? ;)

  1. Thinks about joining the team.

The ability to work in a team defines whether you are ready to sport or not. As we’ve mentioned earlier, this is a very stressful activity, so you need to provide a supportive hand. It doesn’t mean you should be almighty and never ask for assistance, but being universal in motorsport will bring you much more benefits than you could ever expect. Kart drivers who show outstanding results can be invited by single-seaters to their team. Even if you are a beginner to motorsport but show yourself remarkably as a driver and team member, you increase your chances to race in F3, F2, or even F1.

  1. Compete in karting.

Try yourself in karting competitions before going to a true race (actually, every race is true). You will learn the race mastery from other drivers and understand your behavioral patterns on track. All single-seater drivers start from karting if they want to become proficient in the motorsport career. Therefore, find out about your regional competitions, list them out, and register for each event. This will empower your inner strive to win.

  1. Improve self-discipline.

Think about how much you can achieve without setting goals. Like any other kind of sport, motorsport demands close attention to a healthy body, mind, and strong personal skills. Set a daily schedule and plan your week to aim your goals in motorsport. It doesn’t matter how soon you participate in F1 racing, but any other small race is essential to build self-confidence in more severe competition.

  1. Unleash your potential.

Set the right goal for your motorsport career path. Even if you are a newbie to karting, make small steps to implement your motorsport dream. European circuits are a great place to try yourself as a single-seater. So, find out what you can do to have your seat among Formula’s drivers. Also, be honest to yourself and analyze your current ability to participate in such serious competitions. Discuss it with your trainer and ask what qualities you need to gain and what actions to do to become closer to the F1 track.

  1. Perform with sponsors.

Avoid underestimating the possibility of driving under the sponsor’s label. It is an excellent opportunity to be funded by a powerful brand and show yourself in a big race if you are in a team. Use cooperation with sponsors as a significant step to your personal brand development.

  1. Avoid street racing.

If you don’t want to risk your health and reputation, don’t start to participate in street racing. This is the way to spend time just for fun without any result. It doesn’t interconnect with sports, so consider spending your time wisely preparing for professional motorsport competitions.

Final Words

Motorsport is neither easy nor safe, and becoming a professional racer is a huge responsibility. Weigh all pros and cons before driving on a karting track and answer yourself, would you be ready to sacrifice your education and work hard as a motorsport driver? If yes, don’t give up if something discouraging happens, and don’t turn all your achievements into a hobby. Always remember how many you’ve done to win your first competition and move forward for more prominent awards!

Featured Photo by Diego Gavilanez on Unsplash