How To Start a Racing Career in College

October 19, 2021

It’s said that once you try a race car, you’ll want to do it again. That feeling of empowerment and adrenaline entering your body cannot be put into words. In fact, many have compared driving a race car to jumping on a roller-coaster. However, the truth is, a race car is way better than ten roller coasters. You can control the car, you can feel its g force, and you get to experience its high-speed.

Becoming a racecar driver can be challenging if you don’t have too much experience… or money. However, money is not everything. You can start a racing career while in college if you really, really, really want to. All you need is strong determination and the ability to be flexible. Let’s dive in.

Earn your Racing License

You obviously need a driver’s ED to get started. Driving on your own is awesome but not enough, unfortunately. By attending a professional racing school, you’ll learn the techniques and necessary driving skills that you need to ace your races. Plus, you’ll also study racing rules, passing protocols, flags, and more. This is an essential milestone in your career.

Join a racing team

You can join a racing team to get more experience and ride with drivers your age. For example, you could join the Sports Car Club of America or SCCA. Not only will you make new friends, but you’ll also find sponsors through this organization later on.

Get money

Not trying to discourage you but this sport is hella expensive. As an amateur, you might be looking at $2,000-10,000 per season, on top of car maintenance and other personal expenses you might have. So, you’ll have to find a way to get money if you want to participate in races and other race-related activities. This might mean taking a part-time job and asking friends and family for support.

Purchase your first racecar

If you’ve committed to this activity, it’s time to buy your first car. Invest in a car that holds. You could start with an old-fashioned car and go from there. Don’t start with a brand-new, super-fast car since it’s unlikely that you’ll use it properly. You could start with a Porche Boxster’s, an F-R, BRZ, or F86, or a Miata’s. Stay consistent with your practice, this is what matters the most right now. Your car will upgrade as you’re climbing up the success ladder.

Understand how a car works

You’ve got to understand the mechanics of your car from the very first start. Of course, attending racing school will help you with that, but that’s not all. You should be able to recognize the differences between a regular vehicle and a racecar. Start by reading books on the topic.

Help for motoracing students

Attending racing school, buying a new car, practicing, watching races, understanding car mechanics, etc. takes time. You might find yourself less inclined to complete your regular school assignments once you’re preparing to become a racecar driver. If you start missing important deadlines and skip classes, you might require some extra help with your school tasks. Search for ‘write a research paper for me’ on your search engine and find a professional writer to help you out. They can get your assignments done while you’re preoccupied learning about your true passion.

Simulate a competition

You need to practice a lot before you become a strong racer. This means, again, a lot of money but also time. You can try racing on a simulator if you cannot purchase a car yet, but you should get practical experience as soon as possible. The simulations will help you know what’s required to beat your competition.

Watch races

Get even more information by watching races. You need to learn as much as possible about this subject if you want to be successful. Just like in school, you need to do a lot more extra research if you want to excel in a specific area. Watch international races on TV and take notes, if possible. This is how you’ll develop your skills even more.

Find an internship

Last but not least, it’s time to find an internship with a professional driver. This will help you turn your passion into business and make a whole lot of money on the side. You could contact NASCAR drivers and see what they’re up to. Having a successful mentor means (most of the times) instant success!

Wrapping Up

Starting a career in racing is not easy but it’s definitely worth it. If you start from an early age, it’s even better. So, get your race driver’s license and start practicing! The best moment to get started is now.

Author Bio:

James Collins is a racecar enthusiast and content creator. He works for a motorcycle blog and creates content that sells. In his free time, James rides cars and practices karting.