How You Can Make Driving More Fun

May 3, 2021

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It’s all good and well to love cars from afar, but we all know that the real magic of vehicles is felt when you’re behind the wheel, taking your car for a spin. But of course, there are varying degrees of enjoyment — if you’re making the same old trips over and over, then you probably won’t be enjoying your journeys as much as you could or should. If it seems like it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed driving your car, then it’ll be time to take action. In this blog, we’ll run through some tried and tested methods for ensuring your driving experiences are nothing but fun!


Pick the Best Route


There’s more than one way to get somewhere. If you’re not enjoying, say, your commute, then why not look to see if there’s a more enjoyable route to the office? The fastest route is what shows up on Google Maps and other services, but by digging a little deeper, you might find that there’s a better (such as more scenic) option that only takes slightly more time. You might find that by slightly changing your journey, you enjoy the process of driving much more.


Drive At The Right Time


For many people, it’s not the driving part that’s problematic. It’s that they spend so much of their time behind the wheel not driving. They’re just stuck in traffic. And if anything’s going to kill your love of driving, it’s spending so much time in bumper to bumper traffic. Of course, it’s not always possible to avoid traffic. However, you can limit the amount of time you spend in it. One of the best ways is to change what time you’re departing. Sometimes, just leaving 20 minutes later/earlier than usual will help you to avoid the worst of the traffic. Minimizing the annoying aspects of driving is one of the best ways to make it more fun!


Long Road Trips


Driving can be fun in numerous ways, but some driving activities are more fun than others. Take long road trips, for instance. They offer a level of fun, freedom, and adventure like nothing else can. So why not look at taking a long excursion? Wherever in the world you’re based, you’ll find that there are plenty of excellent road trips on offer. These won’t just have you falling in love with driving all over again; they’ll have you falling in love with life again. Most people plan their trips involving aeroplanes and foreign destinations, but when you have a reliable set of wheels by your side, you’ll have a machine that can provide the perfect adventure.


Rough and Ready Vehicles


If you’re going to enjoy all the possibilities that vehicles can provide, then you’ll need to have a vehicle that’s capable of navigating all kinds of terrain. If you have a car that can only handle itself in the city, then you’ll be missing out on a lot of the fun aspects of driving, such as taking a trip into the great outdoors. It doesn’t get much better than driving through a beautiful landscape! But if you have a small or unreliable vehicle, then this option won’t be available to you. If you’re ready to upgrade your set of wheels, then look at the Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles available from Bayside CDJR. You’ll find that you’re able to enjoy all the possibilities that driving offers when you have a capable vehicle on your hands.


Keep it Organized


You could have the best car in the world and still have an unpleasant driving experience. The condition of the interior counts for a lot! If it’s messy and cluttered, then you won’t enjoy being in the vehicle as much as you could do. It’s like a house — you could have a beautiful home, but if the interior is a mess, then you’ll run into issues. So make sure that you’re taking some steps to keep your car in good condition. This can involve doing things as simple as taking the trash out with you, avoiding using your vehicle as a storage unit, and vacuuming the interior from time to time. It’s not the most exciting job in the world, sure, but it will make a big difference to your overall enjoyment of driving.

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Make it More Comfortable

You can love the performance of your car and still dislike being behind the wheel for too long. If your car isn’t as comfortable as it could be, then you’ll avoid those long journeys! Fortunately, upping a car’s comfort levels is one of the easiest things to improve. Depending on the vehicle, you may be able to switch out the seats for more comfortable options. If you can’t do that, then you can look at adding a cover or cushions to your seats. It’ll be a small but impactful change!


There have been grand developments in the car world in recent years, in various ways. For example, safety has improved a lot. And so has entertainment. The days of a car just having a CD player and aux input are long gone! Today, modern vehicles have advanced infotainment screens that allow you to do a whole range of tasks. If your car is a little behind the times on this front, then see if there are aftermarket parts that you can add to your vehicle yourself. You’ll enjoy driving much more if you have a car that feels well and truly up to date.

In Good Condition

It’s a good idea to know the basics of car maintenance. However, understanding the basics won’t take care of everything. It’s important that you’re getting your car serviced on a regular basis, and especially before you take a long trip. This won’t just make your journeys safer; they’ll also make them more fun! It’s much easier to enjoy spending some time behind the wheel if you know that your car is in full working condition.


Take the tips above, and it won’t be long before you’re loving your car trips again!