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Kowalski Racing is a German racing team founded in 2010 and based in Genthin, Saxony-Anhalt. The man who stands behind the team is a motorsport enthusiast and entrepreneur Jürgen Kowalski, while the main driver is Michael Kowalski. The team mostly competed in the German touring car series – ADAC Procar Series, which was renamed to Deutsche Tourenwagen Cup (DTC) in 2016.

Daniela and Michael Kowalski with Chevrolet Cruze Cup car in 2012

Daniela and Michael Kowalski with Chevrolet Cruze Cup car in 2012

From club events to Chevrolet Cruze Cup

In the beginning, the team focused on selected club events, particularly on BördeSprintCup, a series that is mainly carried out near Motorsport Arena Oschersleben.

During 2011, the team was preparing the Chevrolet Cruze Cup vehicle. With that car, Kowalski Racing entered the ADAC Chevrolet Cup in 2012. Jürgen Kowalski, Michael Kowalski and Daniela Kowalski were the drivers.

Michael Kowalski with Ford Fiesta ST prepared for the ADAC Procar Series

Michael Kowalski with Ford Fiesta ST prepared for the ADAC Procar Series

Tough debuting season for Kowalski Racing in the ADAC Procar Series

In 2013, Kowalski Racing made a step forward, entering the ADAC Procar Series with Ford Fiesta ST, participating in Division 2. Michael Kowalski finished the opening race of the season at Oschersleben in 10th place but crashed out in the second race. That accident threw back the young team, forcing them to skip the next two rounds.

They returned to the fourth round at Nürburgring and participated in two more events until the end of the season (Lausitzring and Hockenheimring). Michael Kowalski finished 12th in Division 2 classification.

Kowalski Racing, Ford Fiesta ST, ADAC Procar

Ford Fiesta in action on the race track

Improving results for the ‘racing doctor’

In 2014, Kowalski Racing’s Ford Fiesta participated in three rounds of the 2014 ADAC Procar Series. Michael Kowalski improved his results, narrowly missing the podium at Nürburgring where he finished fourth. At the end of the season, he was 8th in the points.

After one more season with Ford Fiesta ST, Kowalski Racing announced participation in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Cup with a new car, the Opel Corsa OPC. Supported by RAVENOL and their products throughout the season and onward, the team is sure to climb the ADAC ProCar ladder and leave an impression with the crowd, the rivals, and the sponsors alike.

It’s interesting that Michael Kowalski is a doctor by profession, so some fans gave him the nickname ‘Rennarzt’ (racing doctor).

Michael Kowalski and Opel Corsa OPC

Michael Kowalski and Opel Corsa OPC

Photos: kowalski-racing.de.

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