Road trips on Rental Cars Short Guide

June 24, 2022

Traveling is a wonderful new experience, and road trips are a great experience in which you truly feel freedom. Freedom and mobility are the things that travelers in rental cars appreciate the most. But depending on the country of arrival the rules of renting may be different, which is why we have prepared a guide to help you understand all the details of renting a car.

What car to choose?

One of the basic elements of a good road trip is the right choice of vehicle – you should always consider things like :

Class of the vehicle. In rental services you can find almost any class of car – from “economy level” to “VIP”. The more solid the brand and model of the car, the higher will be the cost of services. You can choose any model from compact models SMART convenient for European streets or use rent Alfa Romeo Dubai service to drive across the futuristic streets of Dubai in style.

Technical characteristics. In addition to the class of the car, such factors as the type of engine and gearbox. The manual gearbox is often cheaper. But when traveling around town or in the mountains, it’s more pleasant to travel with an automatic gearbox. The level of fuel consumption, the presence of an air conditioner in the cabin, or the type of body should also be taken into account. These moments may be very important for traveling in Australia or for traveling in Iceland.

Do not forget about the number of passengers: If you are traveling in a large group, it is worth paying attention to the models with more passenger seats, such as a van or cruiser.

How to choose a company right?

Each new booking adds to our new experience with the rental company and local rules.

The websites of major rental companies are the most direct way to find a car. Network rental companies are supposed to give standard quality all over the world. But there are exceptions in some regions. For example, Europecar Tel Aviv is famous for its gigantic queues to get a car.

Still, the most advanced road trippers use local rental services. So feel free to search for companies that do not work with aggregators. Such search requests as “Dubai rental car”, “rental car Dubai”, and “car hire Dubai” can help you save a lot on rental. The fact is that these companies do not share a commission with the major aggregators and can provide a car at a lower price.

What do you need to rent a car?

In most European countries you will need only a driver’s license, passport, and credit card to rent a car. The amount of the deposit will be blocked by the credit card. The debit card can be accepted if it is defined as a credit card. Check what kind of deposit the company will take and make sure that you got this amount on the same card. Some companies may ask that the deposit and payment be made from the same card.

It is desirable to know about the amount of the deposit in advance to calculate the necessary travel expenses. Take into account the cost of gasoline, car wash, highway fees, and parking costs, which add up to 30-40% of the rental price. Also pay attention to how much speed you can exceed in order not to get a fine, read about the local driving habits.

Why it is better to rent?

Is it even necessary to rent a car? Imagine yourself in France. If you are limited only to visiting Paris – the center with narrow streets and crowded parking lots, then you should limit yourself to public transport. But what if you plan to visit the vineyards? Go from Paris to Bordeaux, from there to Le Havre, and then back to Paris again. You could explore the country with confidence, without being bound to a public transport schedule, you could stop at any interesting spots, change plans and see more authentic things and the trip would be much more comfortable for travelers with children. Isn’t such a road trip much more interesting than the usual boring trips in tourist buses?