Should You Trade An Old Car Or Use Cash For Cars Removal Services?

September 8, 2022
Advice, Automotive

So, you’ve got a vehicle you want to dispose of immediately. You have two tried-and-tested options to solve that problem: selling or trading. Each choice has its significant pros and cons. But if it’s your first time doing either method without proper knowledge, you could risk encountering more disadvantages than otherwise.

With a massive car market in the United States, selling or trading your unwanted car can pose a challenge. However, in any business, there’s always someone willing to buy your wares. That’s why cash for cars companies are pretty popular among people looking for someone to sell their old vehicles. But trading in your car isn’t half as bad, either. Which choice do you make? This article will weigh the two options so, in the end, you can decide which way works for you.

Selling to Cash for Cars Services

Car removal services collect, tow, and usually recycle old vehicles for a price. This option is best for those with no other car of their own or who would like to save money on transport and repair fees. If you choose this option, you will reap the benefits below:

Fast, Easy Money

Most cash for scrap car removal companies believe in the value of any new, old, or damaged car. Thus, they’re willing to pay a reasonable price for it, no matter the brand, model, or condition. If you have to sell your car at once, you can call your local car removal service, and they’ll head straight to you. They’ll appraise your vehicle where it’s standing and tow it after paying you in cash.

Selling your old vehicle to a reputable cash for cars service is an excellent choice for emergency funds. It’s also a faster process compared to selling it by yourself online since there’s no marketing or document filing needed. Ads for an old, beat-up car won’t get much traction as a working yet slightly used vehicle.

You’re lucky if you find a buyer after 24 hours. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for many people. Cash for Car companies will be happy to buy your car as soon as you need to sell it.

Effortless Removal Services

Another advantage of selling your vehicle to a cash for cars service is that you don’t need to drive to their main office to do it. Car trades or private sales may require you to transport the car yourself to the buyer’s location. Doing this can be pricey, not only for gas but for possible repairs.

With the cash for cars option, the company will go to where you are and pick up the car from there. You can save more money this way while also earning an extra income from selling your old car.

Care For The Environment

A benefit many do not know when using cash for car services is how the process is generally much safer for the environment. Depending on your state, your local government may have specific rules on how many car parts you can throw away and which ones are allowed in landfills. If you ignore these regulations, you could risk paying a hefty fine.

Unlike leaving your broken vehicle in a landfill, cash for cars company will take your car, remove its parts, and recycle or dispose of them accordingly. They’ll reduce the number of damaged vehicles and discarded parts left in scrap yards.

Trading Old Cars

Most people who trade in their old cars do so with a local dealership. Those who want the best value for money may choose this option over others.

Saving Time And Energy

Trading your unwanted car can help you save time because you won’t need to market or repair the vehicle. If you want to exchange a car privately, you may encounter picky individuals or people who’ll lose interest after hours of negotiating. But it would be a waste not to try giving away a car like a used Chevrolet Bolt when someone is looking for one.

Unlike independently selling or trading to other parties, the dealership will collect your vehicle as it is. They’ll also perform all the repairs and conditioning needed on the car before it’s returned to the market for interested buyers. You get the money worth your car’s value, which the dealership should know best, and you don’t need to do the heavy work.

Tax Advantages

Sales tax can be pretty high depending on which state you live in. So, when you purchase a particular car model for a specific price, you should also pay a sales tax at a set percentage. Often, it’s more than what the buyer could handle. However, if you trade with a reputable dealer, you’re only paying sales tax on the difference between your new car’s cost and your old car’s trade value.

Trading your vehicle is the wiser option for those on a tight budget. Thus, if you’re strapped for cash but want to dispose of an old car correctly for a new one, this method is best for you.

Get A New Car Faster

People who want to dispose of an old car may wish for a new one. By trading an old vehicle to a dealership, you’re that much closer to your new car. Personal selling and trading require various steps to make the transaction legal. Agreeing on a price is another challenge.

A trusted car dealership understands the value of any car and will offer a decent payment that matches. They may even offer you discounts if you buy any vehicle you want from them. You get your new car at a more affordable price. For more information, check out this guide to car trade-ins if this is your preferred method.


Given these points, you can see how both options have similarities and their selling points. Cash for car removal services is perfect for quick disposals, especially for highly-damaged cars. Meanwhile, trade-ins are great for getting value for your car and a new vehicle in a shorter time. Depending on your goal, you can pick either since they are excellent options that many car owners prefer.