Top 5 Le Mans Crashes

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Unfortunately, in the motorsport world crashes and accidents are common sight. From the early days until today, there has been an enormous improvement in safety of drivers and spectators, however, there will always be a moments when drivers can not control their cars and things go bad. No matter how good technology is or how powerful electronic stability aids are, great speed brings a great danger and that is part of the motorsport’s appeal and charm. The Le Mans race had its shear of crashes and fatalities and since 1923, 22 drivers died on this track. The crashes and accidents over the years were numerous but this list will compile the five of most scary crashes, unfortunately, some with fatal outcomes. The purpose of the list is to raise awareness of the dangers of racing and in the same time to pay respect to the drivers who risked their lives each time the race starts.


5. Anthony Davidson crash in 2012

Davidson’s Toyota collided with Ferrari 458 in 2012 Le Mans, forcing him to become airborne, flipping through the air, before landing back on its wheels and made heavy contact with the barriers in a scary crash. Davidson was seriously hurt but since recovered.


4. Allan Simonsen crash in 2013

In the beginning of 2013 race, Simonsen spun his Aston Martin at Tertre Rouge corner and hit the crash barriers at very high speed. He was a live when rescue team got to the site but he succumbed to his injuries. He was 34 years old.


3. Loic Duval crash in 2014

During the 2014 Le Mans practice, French driver Loic Duval had a terrible crash when his Audi R-18 e-tron quattro went airborne and hit the wall backwards, and nearly completely destroying the car. Duval was injuret but recovered.


2. Mark Webber crash in 1999

The 1999 Le Mans was devastating for the Mercedes team since their drivers had three identical crashes when CLR’s went airborne during qualifying and the race. Mark Webber flipped twice and footage of his crashes become legendary. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

1. Le Mans disaster in 1955

The biggest and most horrifying crash in motorsports history happened in 1955 at the Le Mans when Mercedes SLR driven by Pierre Levegh was catapulted into the crowd after a collision. The terrifying accident claimed lives of 83 people and more than 120 was injured.




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