What Is a Car Amplifier?

October 10, 2021

Music can be the best companion to your journey. Everyone turns on their favourite tracks when they are driving.

When there is a chance to turn the volume up, everyone loves the best songs to amplify their surroundings.

Most of the regular car stereos do not have the high volume you may want.

As a result, people use Boss as the best car audio amplifier ever made. But what is a car amplifier?

What Is a Car Amplifier: A Brief Definition?

Car amplifiers are one of the most significant parts of car stereo systems.

A regular stereo cannot produce high-quality and high-volume sounds. That is where car amplifiers come in.

Car amplifiers are amplifying tools that can boost the power of the built-in speakers in a car.

In some premium and expensive cars, there are amplifiers already built-in that can slightly boost the speaker’s volume.

However, those are nothing compared to installing an external amplifier available in the market.

The already existing amplifier in a car does not justify the name.

That small piece of technology inside the stereo can only sharpen the basic sound to the minimum level.

If you genuinely want to bring the sound of your loving music to life, you need a separate amplifier.

The Working System of An Amplifier

The function of an amplifier is to enhance the overall quality and sound of the music.

However, it is important to understand the mechanism of the technology to utilize the options in a better way.

The Supply of Power

If you wonder how an amplifier collects the signal and amplifies it, you need to know the power supply works inside it.

The car amplifier uses 12 volts of power, which is equal to the existing car stereo.

However, this voltage is increased inside the amplifier, providing more power to the speakers to boost the audio.

The Switched Mode Power Supply is used to supply extra power to the amplifier to increase the voltage amount internally.

That boosts the 12V power up to a 28V power supply.

The higher power signal is then sent to the speakers. The signal is sent to the speaker with two systems.

These are Resistance Load (impedance) and Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS).

Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

As mentioned already, the SMPS is used to supply a larger power signal to the speaker through the amplifier.

The SMPS is the most important part of a car amplifier.

The SMPS is special as it can enhance the electrical power supply.

The SMPS switches the in and out voltage rapidly.

As a result, the speaker gets a higher power signal and delivers better quality and high-volume sound.

Resistance Load

The resistance load of a speaker is known as impedance. That is measured by ohm and determines the resistance of the amplifier.

If the speaker is small, the resistance will be higher with a higher value of ohm.

With a lower ohm power supply, more powers will be required to use the amplifier.

That means that the power cable used in the amplifier must be correct and thick. If the amplifier uses thin cables, it can burn from overheating.

Benefits of Installing a Car Amplifier

The simplest function of a car amplifier is boosting sound quality and volume. Apart from that, there are other several benefits of using a car amplifier.

Loud Sound without Distortion

The regular stereo setup will create distortion when you want to play music with a loud volume.

You will have to limit the sound if you do not want to hear terrible quality music.

A car amplifier increases the quality of the music by removing distortion from high-volume sounds.

So, if you want to listen to songs loudly without distortion, having a car amplifier is the way to go.

Powering a Subwoofer

You will need a car amplifier if you intend to install a subwoofer in your car.

It is obviously not mandatory, but the sound quality will not be as good as you expect without an amplifier.

A three-channel and five-channel amplifier can handle the subwoofer.

However, it would help if you opted for an extra amplifier dedicated to the subwoofer.

Getting the Best Out of the Built-in Speaker

The speaker already built-in your car stereo will not deliver the quality of sound required for high-volume music.

Of course, extra speakers can be added alongside the existing ones.

However, the best way to increase the quality and volume of the sound is by adding an amplifier.

On top of that, the sound distortion may still not completely go away with an extra speaker.

You will still need a car amplifier. That can be costly but highly effective in the long run.

Adding More Bass to the Sound

The final benefit of adding a car amplifier is boosting the bass of sound.

A good quality speaker can increase the volume of the audio.

However, higher power is required to generate the perfect bass of the sound.

That is where you need a car amplifier to get an increased and improved bass.


Listening to the best quality with higher volume audio can make your journey more exciting and entertaining. Choosing the best car amplifier can do the trick.

What is a car amplifier? It is a cost-effective way of enhancing the quality and volume of the audio at the same time. So whatever music you intend to listen to, the car amplifier will give you the best experience.

Featured Image by DFL-Denver from Pixabay