What’s Included in the F1 2021 Update?

October 9, 2021
Mnea Minogue

Another year has gone by, resulting in another edition of all our favourite sport console games. Madden, FIFA, and F1 all take the time and kindness to remind us of what year it is with an updated version of the classics.

For us racing fans, there can only be one that turns our petrol heads: Formula 1. So, imagine our glee when not only was the game released this year with a lot of prized features, but a patch was then released offering even more!

Read on to find out all the details on the patch upgrades.

F1 2021

EA has been a busy boy this year. This year they teamed up with Codemasters’ for the first time since 2003 to give us a new F1 video game. The game hit store shelves in July and has gained critical acclaim from critics and fans. Many big-name celebrities have been endorsing the game, bigging up its ability to accommodate both serious drivers and casual players.

Offering the Braking Point story mode, which allows for a narrative to your racing, and MyTeam mode that allows you to build your racing career from the ground up, the game is a milestone in racing realism.


The two main additions of the 1.10 update that has everyone’s tongues wagging is the addition of the Portimao circuit and the Aston Martin safety car.

Also known as the “Autódromo Internacional do Algarve”, the Portimao circuit is located in Portimao, of course, but now also the F1 2021 game. In order to keep up to date with the real F1 tournament, the track was added following the real-life Grand Prix earlier in 2021. Lewis Hamilton was the one to take the chequered flag in that instance, but you can surely beat him when you’re behind the controller – and you won’t have to restart your saved seasons on Career or MyTeam to do it either.

The Aston Martin Safety Car was also included to add to the realism, to make you feel like you’re there on the track. Codemasters and EA have vowed to make sure that their game replicates the real goings-on of the real tournament as much as possible.

Bug fixes

Unfortunately, it seems a miracle nowadays for a game to be released free of an abundance of bugs, and even EA had to make a few small fixes to the game. There are lots of games you can play while you’re waiting for F1 to update, like GGPoker tournaments, Roblox and Fortnite to mention just three diametrically opposed genres.

These bug fixes include:

–          general stability improvements,

–          fixing a crash when watching highlights or replays on Xbox Series consoles,

–          various improvements to Xbox multiplayer connection,

–          addressing an issue where ERS toggle input could not be recognized,

–          fixing a crash when renegotiating with their current team after a reboot in two-player Career,

–          addressing an issue where the race could end after the first lap in two-player Career,

–          addressing an issue where the MFD could pop up when tyre wear reached 20% increments,

–          addressing an issue where users could not enter the pits with heavily worn engine components while using steering assist,

–          race strategy practice programme is now locked to standard fuel mode to bring this in line with race regulations,

–          addressing an issue when adjusting HDR peak nit, it would not show a change on the images,

–          fixing a crash quitting to the front end after negotiating a contract in two-player Career,

–          fixing a crash when viewing standings after retiring from a league,

–          Dazzle camo helmet now displays correctly,

–          F1 2021 vehicle performance has been brought more in-line with the real season. All F1 Time Trial leaderboards have been reset as a result of this change

– addition of the Aston Martin Safety Car

– addition of the Portimao Circuit

Release date

The F1 2021 game has already reached gaming shelves ripe for the taking since July, and the 1.10 update can be installed from September 13.

Featured Image by randomwinner from Pixabay