2015 24 Hours of Le Mans - practice and qualifying

The biggest event of the weekend and one of the biggest motorsports event of the year is famous 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 83rd time the best drivers and cars from the whole world are coming to France to race for 24 straight hours in fierce battle of technologies, drivers and strategies. However, since the race is so big (over 60 cars) the whole event is stretched during the week. So practice session was on Wednesday 10th June. It started in 16:00 hours and lasted for four hours.


During the practice session, Porsche 919 Hybrid proved that is one of the favorite for this years race and was fastest of the whole LMP1 class. With time of 3m 21.362s set by experienced Mark Webber, Porsche was in front of the Audi on second and another 919 Hybrid on third and another 919 Hybrid on fourth. During the practice it was clear that all the work Porsche put in development and testing of the new LMP1 racer is going to pay off. The innovative and very interesting Nissan was 20 seconds slower and finished last in the class.


LMP1 and LMP2 class:

1. Webber/Hartley/Bernhard GER Porsche 919 Hybrid 3m 21.362s LMP1
2. Duval/di Grassi/Jarvis GER Audi Sport Team Joest R18 e-tron 3m 21.950s LMP1
3. Jani/Lieb/Dumas GER Porsche 919 Hybrid 3m 22.059s LMP1
4. Hulkenberg/Tandy/Bamber GER Porsche 919 Hybrid 3m 22.819s LMP1
5. Lotterer/Fassler/Treluyer GER Audi Sport Team Joest R18 e-tron 3m 23.051s LMP1
6. Albuquerque/Bonanomi/Rast GER Audi Sport Team Joest R18 e-tron 3m 23.480s LMP1
7. Davidson/Buemi/Nakajima JPN Toyota Gazoo TS040 Hybrid 3m 24.763s LMP1
8. Wurz/Conway/Sarrazin JPN Toyota Gazoo TS040 Hybrid 3m 25.537s LMP1
9. Heidfeld/Prost/Beche SUI Rebellion R-ONE AER 3m 28.441s LMP1
10. Imperatori/Abt/Kraihamer SUI Rebellion R-ONE AER 3m 33.176s LMP1
11. Howson/Lapierre/Bradley HKG KCMG Oreca 05-Nissan 3m 39.897s LMP2
12. Ordonez/Matsuda/Shulzitskiy JPN Nissan GT-R LM Nismo 3m 40.332s LMP1
13. Mardenborough/Chilton/Pla JPN Nissan GT-R LM Nismo 3m 40.429s LMP1
14. Tincknell/Krumm/Buncombe JPN Nissan GT-R LM Nismo 3m 41.302s LMP1
15. Cumming/Vanthoor/Estre FRA OAK Ligier-Honda 3m 41.311 LMP2
16. Thiriet/Badey/Gommendy FRA Thiriet by TDS Oreca 05-Nissan 3m 41.742s LMP2
17. Lancaster/Paletou/Hirsch GBR Greaves Gibson-Nissan 3m 42.163s LMP2
18. Rusinov/Canal/Bird RUS G-Drive Ligier-Nissan 3m 42.641s LMP2
19. Sharp/Dalziel/Heinemeier-Hansson USA ESM Ligier-Honda 3m 43.344s LMP2
20. Watts/Kane/Leventis GBR Strakka DOME-Nissan 3m 43.948s LMP2
21. Tung/Cheng/Roussel GER Pegasus Morgan-Nissan 3m 43.990s LMP2
22. Aleshin/Ladygin/Ladygin RUS SMP BR01-Nissan 3m 44.482s LMP2
23. Webb/Ragues/Amberg SUI SARD-Morand Morgan-SARD 3m 44.767s LMP2
24. Yacaman/Derani/Gonzalez RUS G-Drive Ligier-Nissan 3m 44.794s LMP2
25. Panciatici/Chatin/Cappillaire FRA Signatech Alpine Nissan 3m 44.807s LMP2
26. Mediani/Minassian/Markozov RUS SMP BR01-Nissan 3m 45.233s LMP2
27. Turvey/Evans/Dolan GBR Jota Gibson-Nissan 3m 45.291s LMP2
28. Monteiro/Trummer/Kaffer AUT ByKolles CLM P1/01 AER 3m 45.873s LMP1
29. Ibanez/Perret/Bellarosa SMR Ibanez Oreca 03R-Nissan 3m 47.893s LMP2
30. Brown/van Overbeek/Fogarty USA ESM Ligier-Honda 3m 48.150s LMP2
31. Krohn/Jonsson/Barbosa USA Krohn Ligier-Judd 3m 48.840s LMP2
32. Chandhok/Berthon/Patterson IRL Murphy Oreca 03R-Nissan 3m 49.427s LMP2
33. Nicolet/Merlin/Maris FRA OAK Ligier-Nissan 3m 52.979s LMP2


GTE and GTE Am class:

34. MacDowall/Stanaway/Rees GBR Aston Martin Racing Vantage  3m 55.895s GTE Pro
35. Gavin/Milner/Taylor USA Corvette Racing C7.R 3m 57.539s GTE Pro
36. Turner/Mucke/Bell GBR Aston Martin Racing Vantage GTE 3m 58.448s GTE Pro
37. Pilet/Makowiecki/Henzler GER Porsche Team Manthay 911 RSR 3m 58.469s GTE Pro
38. Magnussen/Garcia/Briscoe USA Corvette Racing C7.R 3m 58.501s GTE Pro
39. Lamy/Lauda/Dalla Lana GBR Aston Martin Racing Vantage GTE 3m 59.783s GTE Am
40. Rigon/Calado/Beretta ITA AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia 3m 59.653s GTE Pro
41. Lietz/Christensen/Bergmeister GER Porsche Team Manthay 911  3m 59.892s GTE Pro
42. Sorensen/Thiim/Nygaard GBR Aston Martin Racing Vantage GTE 4m 00.034s GTE Pro
43. Bruni/Vilander/Fisichella ITA AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia 3m 00.082s GTE Pro
44. Dempsey/Long/Seefried GER Dempsey-Proton Porsche 911 RSR 4m 01.611s GTE Am
45. Ried/Al Quabisi/Bachler GER Abu Dhabi-Proton Porsche 911 RSR 4m 02.029s GTE Am
46. Roda/Ruberti/Poulsen FRA Larbre Chevrolet Corvette C7.R 4m 02.332s GTE Am
47. Aguas/Perrodo/Collard ITA AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia 4m 02.637s GTE Am
48. Bleekemolen/Keating/Miller USA Riley TI  Dodge Viper GTS-R 4m 03.287s GTE Am
49. Sweedler/Bell/Segal USA Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 458 Italia 4m 03.799s GTE Am
50. Mann/Gianmaria/Cressoni ITA AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia 4m 03.840s GTE Am
51. al Faisal/Giermaziak/Avenatti GBR JMW Ferrari 458 Italia 4m 04.367s GTE Am
52. Shaitar/Bertolini/Basov RUS SMP Ferrari 458 Italia 4m 05.137s GTE Am
53. Cameron/Griffin/Mortimer ITA AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia 4m 05.319s GTE Am
54. Hall/Goethe/Castellacci GBR Aston Martin Racing Vantage GTE 4m 05.550s GTE Am
55. Maassen/Chen/Kapadia TWN Team AAI Porsche 911 GT3 RSR 4m 05.787s GTE Am
56. Chen/Vannelet/Parisy TWN Team AAI Porsche 911 GT3 RSR 4m 05.989s GTE Am


Later that day, there was a first qualifying session which started 22:00 hours and lasted till midnight. During that session Porsche driver Nil Jani set a blistering 3m16.887s early on to take provisional pole, a lap fast enough to be the quickest pole position for the race in terms of laptime since 1989 should it not be beaten. The other two Porsches were second and third making qualifying session a full Porsche dominance which we did not see in Le Mans for so long.


1 LMP1 Neel Jani Porsche Team Porsche 3m16.887s
2 LMP1 T.Bernhard, M.Webber, B.Hartley Porsche Team Porsche 3m17.767s
3 LMP1 N.Hulkenberg, E.Bamber, N.Tandy Porsche Team Porsche 3m19.297s
4 LMP1 L.di Grassi, L.Duval, O.Jarvis Audi Sport Team Joest Audi 3m19.866s
5 LMP1 F.Albuquerque, M.Bonanomi, R.Rast Audi Sport Team Joest Audi 3m21.081s
6 LMP1 M.Fassler, A.Lotterer, B.Treluyer Audi Sport Team Joest Audi 3m21.839s
7 LMP1 A.Wurz, S.Sarrazin, M.Conway Toyota Racing Toyota 3m23.543s
8 LMP1 A.Davidson, S.Buemi, K.Nakajima Toyota Racing Toyota 3m23.767s
9 LMP1 N.Prost, M.Beche, N.Heidfeld Rebellion Racing Rebellion/AER 3m26.874s
10 LMP1 A.Imperatori, D.Kraihamer, D.Abt Rebellion Racing Rebellion/AER 3m31.933s
11 LMP2 M.Howson, R.Bradley, N.Lapierre KCMG ORECA/Nissan 3m38.032s
12 LMP1 O.Pla, J.Mardenborough, M.Chilton Nissan Motorsports Nissan 3m38.468s
13 LMP2 G.Hirsch, G.Paletou, J.Lancaster Greaves Motorsport Gibson/Nissan 3m38.958s
14 LMP2 S.Dolan, M.Evans, O.Turvey JOTA Gibson/Nissan 3m39.004s
15 LMP2 R.Rusinov, J.Canal, S.Bird G-Drive Racing Ligier/Nissan 3m39.867s
16 LMP2 P.Thiriet, T.Gommendy, L.Badey Thiriet by TDS Racing ORECA/Nissan 3m39.923s
17 LMP2 C.Cumming, L.Vanthoor, K.Estre Oak Racing Ligier/HPD 3m40.058s
18 LMP1 S.Trummer, P.Kaffer, T.Monteiro Team ByKolles CLM/AER 3m40.368s
19 LMP2 N.Panciatici, P-L.Chatin, V.Capillaire Signatech Alpine Alpine/Nissan 3m40.438s
20 LMP2 G.Yacaman, L.Derani, R.Gonzalez G-Drive Racing Ligier/Nissan 3m40.967s
21 LMP1 H.Tincknell, M.Krumm, A.Buncombe Nissan Motorsports Nissan 3m41.400s
22 LMP2 P.Ragues, O.Webb, Z.Amberg Team SARD Morand Morgan/SARD 3m42.015s
23 LMP2 L.Roussel, D.Cheng, H-Pin Tung Pegasus Racing Morgan/Nissan 3m42.023s
24 LMP2 M.Mediani, D.Markozov, N.Minassian SMP Racing BR Engineering/Nissan 3m42.077s
25 LMP2 N.Leventis, D.Watts, J.Kane Strakka Racing Dome/Nissan 3m42.237s
26 LMP2 M.Aleshin, K.Ladygin, A.Ladygin SMP Racing BR Engineering/Nissan 3m42.417s
27 LMP2 K.Chandhok, M.Patterson, N.Berthon Murphy Prototypes ORECA/Nissan 3m44.513s
28 LMP2 S.Sharp, R.Dalziel, D.Hansson Extreme Speed Motorsports Ligier/HPD 3m44.675s
29 LMP2 T.Krohn, N.Jonsson, J.Barbosa Krohn Racing Ligier/Judd 3m44.899s
30 LMP2 P.Perret, I.Bellarosa, J.Ibanez Ibanez Racing ORECA/Nissan 3m45.350s
31 LMP1 T.Matsuda, M.Shulzhitskiy, L.Ordonez Nissan Motorsports Nissan 3m45.807s
32 LMP2 E.Brown, J.van Overbeek, J.Fogarty Extreme Speed Motorsports Ligier/HPD 3m46.165s
33 LMP2 J.Nicolet, J-M.Merlin, E.Maris Oak Racing Ligier/HPD 3m52.843s
34 GTE Pro F.Rees, A.MacDowall, R.Stanaway Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin 3m54.928s
35 GTE Am P.D.Lana, P.Lamy, M.Lauda Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin 3m55.102s
36 GTE Pro G.Bruni, T.Vilander, G.Fisichella AF Corse Ferrari 3m55.306s
37 GTE Pro D.Turner, S.Mucke, R.Bell Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin 3m55.466s
38 GTE Pro M.Sorensen, C.Nygaard, N.Thiim Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin 3m55.783s
39 GTE Pro J.Magnussen, A.Garcia, R.Briscoe Corvette Racing Chevrolet 3m55.963s
40 GTE Am F.Perrodo, E.Collard, R.Aguas AF Corse Ferrari 3m56.723s
41 GTE Pro O.Gavin, T.Milner, J.Taylor Corvette Racing Chevrolet 3m57.081s
42 GTE Pro R.Lietz, M.Christensen, J.Bergmeister Porsche Team Manthey Porsche 3m57.192s
43 GTE Pro D.Rigon, J.Calado, O.Beretta AF Corse Ferrari 3m57.216s
44 GTE Am V.Shaitar, A.Bertolini, A.Basov SMP Racing Ferrari 3m57.271s
45 GTE Pro P.Pilet, F.Makowiecki, W.Henzler Porsche Team Manthey Porsche 3m57.667s
46 GTE Am C.Ried, K.Al Qubaisi, K.Bachler Abu Dhabi-Proton Racing Porsche 3m58.259s
47 GTE Am P.Mann, R.Giammaria, M.Cressoni AF Corse Ferrari 3m58.478s
48 GTE Am P.Dempsey, P.Long, M.Seefried Dempsey Racing – Proton Porsche 3m58.822s
49 GTE Am B.Sweedler, T.Bell, J.Segal Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 3m58.946s
50 GTE Am J.Bleekemolen, B.Keating, M.Miller Riley Motorsports-Ti Auto SRT/Dodge 3m59.054s
51 GTE Am D.Cameron, M.Griffin, A.Mortimer AF Corse Ferrari 3m59.091s
52 GTE Am G.Roda, P.Ruberti, K.Poulsen Larbre Competition Chevrolet 3m59.522s
53 GTE Am A.Al Faisal, K.Giermaziak, M.Avenatti JMW Motorsport Ferrari 4m00.551s
54 GTE Am R.Goethe, S.Hall, F.Castellacci Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin 4m01.160s
55 GTE Am H.C.Chen, G.Vannelet, M.Parisy Team AAI Porsche 4m03.117s
56 GTE Am J.San Chen, A.Kapadia, X.Maassen Team AAI Porsche 4m04.827s

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