2015 Carrera Cup Germany – Nurburgring qualifying

The epic qualifying session on notorious Nurburgring circuit tonight. It was almost dark, it was cold and damp but the grip full of Porsche 991 GT3 Cup was ready to battle “Green Hell” in order to achieve best place in tomorrows Porsche Carrera Cup Germany race. The headlights were cutting dark on the one of the most fearsome racing tracks in the world and the forest was roaring with the sound of everlasting flat six engines.


Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland 2015


It was clear, after yesterdays practice session, that the qualifying will be very interesting. The complicated track conditions, weather variables and experience is going to be main factors. It showed that this was true, since the best time was achieved by Sven Muller a perspective Porsche Junior driver. His knowledge of the track, courage to explore the limits of the car and little bit of luck, helped him to best time of 8:34,992 minutes. The second and very close behind him was experienced Phillip Eng and the third was Michael Ammermuller.  Yesterday, Sven Muller was ninth on free practice session and it didn’t look that he was up for pole position, however he managed to take it in a matter of few tenths of a second. The full result list will be added as soon as it will be available and don’t miss tomorrows race it is early and starts at 9:17 am CET. We are excited for this one because it is one of the most iconic tracks and one of the most iconic cars on the planet. Here is a look of how Porsche Cup racing looks like on Nurburgring. It is duel between Kevin Estre and late Sean Edwards:




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