Chilton and Lopez winners of the WTCC races in Argentina

  • Tom Chilton WTCC

Tom Chilton and Jose Maria Lopez are the winners of the World Touring Cars Championship races at Termans de Rio Hondo.

Feature race

John Filippi started from pole position, accompanied in the front row with Tom Chilton. Citroen driver had a better start and immediately took the lead while Rob Huff did well o move up from 5th to 3rd place, changing positions with his teammate Tiago Monteiro.

In the middle of the race Filippi quickly dropped to the 5th while Chilton, a bit surprisingly, still was at the top, with Huff and Yvan Muller behind him. Those standings remained unchanged until the end, so Sebastien Loeb Racing’s driver scored first win of the season.

Rob Huff WTCC Argentina

Honda driver Rob Huff at Autodromo termas de Rio Hondo

Monteiro finished 4th while Jose Maria Lopez was 5th, starting from 18th place. Norbert Michelisz, Tom Coronel, Mehdi Bennani, James Thompson and John Filippi also picked some points in the first race at Termas de Rio Hondo.

Main race

Lopez was at the top of starting grid mor main race, while Michelisz, Coronel and Muller were behind him. The Hungarian in Honda started better and took the lead from the reigning champion while Muller moved to the third place.

The trio was within a second through the first half of the race and Michelisz resisted well all the attacks until the lap 7. Lopez and Muller did great team job to overtake Honda, but soon after Michelisz and Muller slid off the track, leaving Pechito Lopez clear at the top.

Jose Maria Lopez

Citroen driver Jose Maria Lopez, winner of the WTCC main race at Termas de Rio Hondo

Home crowd favorite scored his 7th win of the season to extended the lead in the championship while Coronel completed good weekend with the 2nd place in the main race. Rob Huff finished 3rd, just as in the feature race.

Tiago Monteiro and Yvan Muller finished 4th and 5th respectively while the remaining points were won by Esteban Guerrieri, Mehdi Bennani, Michelisz, Chilton and Filippi.

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