Dakar 2016: Stage 1 cancelled because of bad weather

  • Dakar Rally, January 3rd bad weather

The first stage of 2016 Dakar Rally, from Rosario to Villa Carlos Paz, was cancelled because of bad weather and safety reasons. The entire field of vehicles was transfered to Villa Carlos Paz via highway, motorcycles and quads in a convoy, cars on their own and trucks on the course reserved for assistance vehicles.


Race director Étienne Lavigne cancelled the stage after few hours of waiting, but at the end he decided that organisers couldn’t guarantee the safety of the participants because the helicopters were unable to fly. Strong downpours in the morning forced organisers to delay the start of a 650 km-long stage, but three hours later, the conditions weren’t better and the only solution was cancellation.


Dakar Rally 2016, Bernhard Ten Bronke

Bernhard Ten Brinke will be the leader for one more day


The longest stage of the rally scheduled for Monday

Planned timed section of first stage was 258 km for cars and trucks, while motorcycles and quads had 227 km of timed section. Cancelled stage means that competitors have to wait one more day for proper racing, after having just a short 11-km prologue yesterday. Because of an accident with injured spectators half of the crews in the car category and all the trucks neither had the chance to drive through the prologue.


The longest stage of the rally, with 858 km between Villa Carlos Paz and Termas Rio Hondo, is scheduled for Monday. Timed section for cars and trucks is 521 km, while bikes and quads will run over 450 km of timed section There is a significant distance to cover although the terrain presents no real difficulties. But, at Dakar Rally, you never know…


Photo: Visit Argentina, Dakar.com/Eric Vargiolu

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