Career Summary:

Dieter Quester

  • May 30, 1939
  • 78
  • Austria
  • Not Active
  • 195
  • BMW,Surtees
  • 22
  • 54
  • 2
  • 14
  • 11.28%
  • 27.69%

Dieter Quester is the Austrian touring car ace and famous endurance driver. He was born in 1939 in Vienna, and got his first taste of motorsports in speedboat racing in the late 1950s.

From speedboat racing to BMW cars

In the ’60s, after he became a champion in speedboat racing, he moved to cars and very soon became the winner of the Austrian Touring Car Championship in 1966, behind the wheel of a BMW 1800. In the following years, he won some important touring car races driving BMW cars across Europe.

Dieter Quester BMW, 24 Hours Spa endurance championship race motorsport mans series page policy photo

Dieter Quester in BMW at the 24 Hours of Spa endurance championship race

He considered retirement from racing

This result was enough to get him an invitation to the BMW’s famous but unsuccessful Formula 2 racing programme. He did manage to snag some wins but couldn’t advance to Formula One. In that moment, he was so frustrated that he even considered retirement. Eventually, in 1974, Quester got a chance to race in Formula One but after one race, the Austrian Grand Prix, returned to touring cars and started dominating in that class.

Dieter Quester Formula Grand Prix motorsport hours mans series page policy porsche photo

Dieter Quester has competed in only one Formula 1 Grand Prix

Dieter Quester as an accomplished endurance racer

His touring cars career really took off in the mid-70s with BMW, when he became the European Touring Car Champion in a 3.0 CSL and a regular ProCar driver in the famous M1 racing car. He was a 4-time European champion in various BMW racing cars which is the record that he still holds.

Besides the touring car racing, Quester started participating in a lot of endurance races across the world, recording 53 24-hour-long races. The last one he won was in 2006 in Dubai. At the age of 76, he is still sponsored by Red Bull and has no plans of retiring.

Dieter Quester world BMW 328 Monaco Historic Grand Prix formula motorsport page porsche

Dieter Quester in BMW 328 before the Monaco Historic Grand Prix

Ahead of his time

His career stats are quite impressive, with over 600 race starts and more than 250 podium finishes. He was victorious on all continents and will always be well remembered by fans as a good driver and sportsman. In fact, he is one of the first drivers to implement a fitness program and diet for motorsport activities, something that is obligatory today in any form of motorsport.

Video - Dieter Quester at the 2012 Le Mans Classic