V8 Supercars Bathurst 1000 - race

The dynamic and intense Bathurst 1000 race weekend is over and the legendary track has once again been the highlight of the season and a game changer in terms of championship standings. The 6-hour track battle was interesting because it took all of the drivers and co-drivers strength just to keep the tempo of this exhausting race. After the big crash by Chaz Mostert on Friday and Damien Flack’s crash on Saturday, the actual race wasn’t spared from crashing but fortunately without major injuries. On lap 138 of 161, DJR Team Penske’s Scott Pye hit the wall at high speed. He was on 11th and had suspected mechanical breakdown, the car may have broken a steering arm which means that he wasn’t able to control it. Scott Pye has been taken to hospital with suspected broken ribs.

The start of the race went without any problems since all the drivers knew that race this long is won by tactics and concentration instead of charging ahead as soon as the green light goes on. David Reynolds was on the pole position after he dominated the Top Ten Shootout yesterday with the fastest lap. However, very soon, the leading position changed as the race continued and co-drivers got into it. After 6 hours and over 160 laps, V8 Supercars veteran and all around great racer, Craig Lowndes found himself in first place with just 1,38 seconds advantage in front of Mark Winterbottom aka “Frosty”, the championship leader. The Pepsi Max Crew team and Winterbottom should have be in first but they had problems with the electrics and they were racing without brake lights. So, a 15-second penalty was given to the car which cost them the first place.

Warm Up

So after 6 hours and 161 laps, Red Bull Australia driver Craig Lowndens won the 2015 Supercheap Bathurst 1000 with perfect driving, good tactics and fast pits tops. Mark Winterbottom was second and Garth Tander was third. The Red Bull Australia team performed very well during fuel stops, tire and driver changes which was very important in such a long race. Of course the big experience and skills of Craig Lowndens helped a lot.

Warm Up

At the moment, Mark Winterbottom is still championship leader with 399 points in front of Craig Lowndes on second. Chaz Mostert is down on fourth spot form second but he’ll be out for rest of the season because of his broken leg. For full results, click HERE!

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