Victory for Engelhart, Bachler at Oschersleben

The new ADAC GT Masters season has begun at Motorsport Arena Oschersleben with a victory of Schutz Motorsport’s Christian Engelhart and Klaus Bachler in Porsche 911 GT3.


Two Mercedes’ SLS AMG GT3 finished on the podium. Runners-up in the first race of the new season were Sebastian Asch and Luca Ludwig (Team Zakspeed), while the third were newcomers Harald Proczyk and Andreas Simonsen of HP Racing.


It was flying start for Engelhart in Porsche and Asch in Mercedes as they immediately overpassed pole position owner Luca Stolz who felt on the 7th, but second Bentley Team HTP car with Fabian Hamprecht moved up to third.




At the back of the grid happened small accident on the first turn after which Daniel Dobitsch (kfzteile 24 MS Racing) had to retire. Safety car was employed for around five minutes and after restart Engelhart comfortably kept leading position in front of Asch with advantage of almost two seconds.


There wasn’t anything spectacular on the top of the grid, but in middle Rachel Frey (YACO Racing) and Dominic Jost (MRS GT-Racing) were in big battle for the last position in the points zone. In the meantime Callaway Competition’s Patrick Assenheimer slided out of the track after he tried to make overambitious maneuver in the turn, so the race was over for him.


Local squad BMW Trophy Team Schubert opted to be last who will change the drivers. Jens Klingmann was on the top, but after Dominik Baumann took the place in the seat, they went down to fourth. Twenty minutes before of the race on top was Klaus Bachler with huge advantage of eight seconds in front of  Luca Ludwig and 8.5 seconds in front of Andreas Simonsen on the third.


Impressive performance was seen by Daniel Keilwitz who moved up to fifth with a chance to go even further after he was closer and closer to Baumann and finally overpassed him, almost in the last moment. Six minutes before the finish, the race was ended for the Bentley Team HTP’s Clemens Schmid who had a crash and safety car again went on the track where it stayed until the chequered flag has been shown.


Daniel Keilwitz finished fourth and in the pints zone also were Klingmann/Baumann and Hurtgen/Krohn (BMW Sports Trophy Team Schubert), Frey/Geipel (YACO Racing), Lee Pepper/Thiim (C.Abt Racing), Gassner/Strauss (MRS GT-Racing) and Enge/Gavin (Reiter Engineering).

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