World RX: Petter Solberg wins, all-Scandinavian podium at Lydden Hill

Reigning World rallycross champion Petter Solberg wins Round 4 of the FIA World Rallycross Championship at Lydden Hill International Circuit in England.

Total of 29 Supercar drivers competed at the most famous British rallycross track, Solberg showed most of the speed and has won two (of four) qualifying heats, semi-final and final.




In six-laps final run Solberg, who drove Citroen DS3, was just three tenths of second faster than Swedish DTM star and EKS RX team owner Mattias Ekstrom in Audi S1, while third spot at podium was captured by one more Swedish driver Johan Kristoffersson in Volkswagen Polo.

Two Olsbergs MSE drivers in Ford Fiestas – Reinis Nitiss and Andreas Bakkerud – was fourth and fifth, while guest-star driver, former British rally champion Guy Wilks, retired in final session with JRM Racing’s Mini RX.




Wilks was most successful among seven British drivers. Andrew Jordan, BTCC star and guest-star driver in Hansen’s Peugeot 208 WRX , was sixth overall after four qualifying heats. He was quickest in Heat 3 and qualified to semi-final, but didn’t go further.


In Touring Car category fastest in final run was Swedish driver Fredrik Salsten in Citroen DS3 in front of two Norwegians with Fiestas – Ben-Philip Gundersen and Camilla Antonsen. All Scandinavian podium we saw after RX Lites final session. Winner is young Swedish ace Kevin Hansen, second was Kevin Eriksson (Sweden) and third was Thomas Bryntesson (Norway).


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