6 Common Signs You Should Junk Your Car

August 27, 2021
Advice, Automotive

The car recycling industry contributes about $25 billion to the national GDP every year. This makes it the 16th largest sector in the US, employing more than 100,000 people. This industry recycles more than 25 million tons of old car parts.

Getting rid of a car may be one of the toughest decisions you have to make. For instance, a family car can be of such sentimental value to you. It has all the memories and spills. You can’t imagine somebody tearing it down just for spare parts.

However, sometimes it’s inevitable to junk your car. Here are six common signs telling you when to junk a car.

1. Junk Your Car After Graduation

Your social status changes immediately after you graduate. It can be from high school, college, or university. After landing a job, you would want to drive a more sophisticated unit than your current car.

You can junk the car and get quick cash for topping up the acquisition costs of the new car.

2. Poor Safety Rating

When it comes to safety ratings and features, modern cars score higher than old ones. There is a high likelihood that an older car manufactured at the turn of the century runs without airbags. Driving such a car can be quite dangerous.

Instead of endangering the lives of your loved ones, junk that car and get a new unit. Moreover, new cars have more fascinating technologies such as GPS and Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Scrapping a Car Without a Title

Buyers of junk car parts won’t ask any questions about your title, but other people will. Car dealerships will ask for a title whether you’re trading in or selling your car.

Whichever reasons you have for the missing title, an auto junkyard will take your car for instant cash. You only need to feel your personal details on the Bill of Sale, and you’re good to go.

4. Expensive Repair and Maintenance

An old car breaks down now and then. The engine and transmissions may also begin to fail when the mileage surpasses the 150,000-mile mark. Your automatic windows can also start producing a squeaky sound.

All these problems can add up quickly and become costly. Further, the more you visit the mechanic, the more you spend on maintenance. If these costs become unbearable, it’s time to junk your car.

5. Small Resale and Trade-In Value

Selling a car after it hits 150,000 miles. No one will give you a solid offer, sometimes not even close to the market resale or trade-in value. Moreover, every car gets old at some point, no matter how good you take care of it.

Fortunately, there are buyers of junk cars who can help you get instant cash out of your unit. Junking a car saves you time. It’s also less stressful than hassling with a dealer to take a high mileage car.

6. You Have a Growing Family

Sometimes, your current car is not falling apart, but you have demanding space and capacity needs because of a growing family. You would want to upgrade from a two-seater to four or seven. Also, you should go for a car with a bigger trunk.

Instead of leaving your car to accumulate dust in the garage, you can junk it. Remember, not all cars for scrapping have to be old or out of shape. Junking saves you the hassle of looking for a ready buyer.

Junking Your Car Is Easy

As you can see, many reasons could prompt you to junk your car. Whichever your reason is, just remember that scraping a car is quick and easy. No one will ask many questions or inquire about the title. Besides, you’ll get your cash on the same day.

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