Audi R8 LMS Ultra

  • Audi R8 LMS Ultra 2015
  • Audi R8 LMS Ultra 2015

One of most anticipated premieres in the world of endurance racing is new Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT3, the racing edition of newly introduced Audi R8 road car. On this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Audi unveiled the new Audi R8 as their flagship sports model. After the long and successful life of previous model during its seven year production run and big success on race tracks over the world, the motorsport public is very eager to see new racer. Audi, however, chose not to officially introduce the R8 LMS Ultra at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 but it did test the new car and show it to public during the Blancpain GT series and VLN testing.

Audi R8 LMS Ultra 2015 rear view

Audi R8 LMS Ultra 2015

The 2015/16 model will continue string of victories

Before we get the official press release and power figures, this is what is known so far. The new Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT3 race car is the newest race only model from Ingolstadt. It is build on new and improved lightweight chassis with improved suspension and components. The basic drivetrain layout is pretty much unchanged with 5.2 V10 engine, centrally positioned. The power is transmitted to rear wheels trough six speed sequential gearbox. There is no official information about power levels of the new R8 LMS Ultra but knowing the GT3 class limits and power levels of competition it is safe to say that the new Audi will have around, and possibly over, 600 bhp. The biggest technical improvement is totally new aerodynamic package which implements the latest technology on that field. That could help the new racer to achieve even higher levels of downforce and driving dynamics than before.

Audi R8 LMS Ultra 2015 front view

Audi R8 LMS Ultra 2015

After very good results at testing during 2015 we expect it to shine in 2016

The its first two outings (Blancpain GT Series and VLN) the new Audi R8 LMS Ultra proved to be very reliable and fast. It was among the fastest cars on the both testing events and did not had any mechanical failures. Is is not yet announced will the new Audi R8 participate at first VLN race on 28th of March but it certain that Audi WRT team will enter two cars in 24 Hours of Spa and 24 Hours of Nürburgring events, later this year.

The new R8 GT3 will also debut in Blancpain GT Series, probably in the hands of Audi Race Experience or Belgian Audi Club Team WRT team. There is still no information about the price and availability of the new race car but it is announced that the first customers will get the R8 LMS Ultra by the end of this year. However, this car is a step forward for the Audi racing program and newest addition in a line of very successful racing cars. It will be interesting to see how the new model will perform comparing to the competition and the old model which is still both popular and fast.,

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