How to Start a Secured Transportation Business

September 13, 2022
Advice, Automotive

The transportation of valuable goods is a vital part of logistics and is important across a wide range of industries. It involves the movement of high-value items from one place to another, ensuring that they are delivered and stored safely and securely.

While it can be a lucrative business opportunity, there are many aspects to consider if you’re thinking of starting a secure transportation business, as well as risks of which to be aware.  We’ll explore the factors involved so that you’ll be well equipped to start transporting valuable goods.

Plan and research

The first step is to create a business plan, which involves carrying out extensive market research to discover where the potential for secure transportation services lies. You’ll also need to consider any competitors who are operating in the same area as you.

Another important aspect is researching how much other businesses charge for similar services so that you don’t end up charging too much or too little.

You should evaluate your finances when starting any new business and identify whether you’ll need any additional funding or investor support. It’s important to register with HMRC to make sure that you’re paying the right tax and to register your business.

Take out insurance

There are many risks involved in secure transportation which you wouldn’t necessarily come across in other industries, including loss, theft, attack and espionage. While it’s important to take steps to minimise or prevent such threats, it’s also a good idea to take out a robust business insurance policy.

If you employ staff, you’ll also need to implement the right health-and-safety training as well as carry out relevant risk assessments.

Consider the type of vehicle

Choosing a secure vehicle to transport your goods can deter criminals and keep the items safe. Consider fitting security equipment such as tracking systems, alarms, anti-theft devices and specialised secure locks. It’s also worth choosing a vehicle, such as a van, with a single side door or panel features to minimise visibility from the outside.

It’s a good idea to think carefully about where you park – particularly at night. Choosing well-lit areas is advisable.

Create a client list

Finding clients can be tricky but using social media and online marketing platforms can improve your visibility in a competitive market. Direct marketing can be useful if you want to target specific clients or businesses, especially if you know they deal with valuable goods.

Remember, as with most start-ups, it’s easier to start small and build up your client base gradually, giving your business time to adapt and grow. It’s worth beginning with local clients before you try to move on to bigger, national companies. Plus, by building up a good reputation you’re also more likely to attract new clients.

Featured Photo by Gabriel Santos on Unsplash