Nurburgring will remove speed limits

August 20, 2015
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Vukašin Herbez

It has been a tough year for the most famous German track, the Nurburgring. The season stared with a tragic crash killing one spectator and controversial ban by DMSB (German motorsports authority) which banned GT3 cars (and very soon allowed them to race again) and impose speed limits on parts of the track. Since then, there were very active discussions on which actions need to be done in order to make racing on Green Hell safer but as exciting as before. The races after the incident went without any problems so two days ago, DMSB and track owner Capricorn Nürburgring GmbH announced that speed limits will be lifted some time next year.


However, the circuit will have some minor changes, such as new and safer barriers and fan stands moved further from the asphalt and most importantly, new layers of tarmac on few sections. For example, new asphalt will be lied on 500 meters long Flugplatz area where the tragic accident happened earlier this year. This will remove the bumps and problematic patches of the track which can cause crashes and get GT3 cars airborne.


During this “ban” period, there was also a ban on manufacturers’ record breaking runs since the organizers and owners of the track didn’t feel that the safety of the factory drivers was up to standards. In the last few years, Nurburgring is the place for manufacturers’ testing and record breaking which is very important to owners who want to keep this clients. So, improved ‘Ring will be a safe place not only for the racers and fans but for high speed factory drivers who test new models and break production records.,,

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