News - First VLN race of the season stopped after tragic accident

The ADAC Westfalenfahrt is the first race of 2015 VLN season, held on Saturday 28th of March. The expectations were high since the grid was full of fast cars and drivers and everybody was eager to race in the first event of 2015 season. There were some premieres like new 2015 Audi R8 Ultra LMS and the fantastic Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003 which came straight from 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Interestingly, there were two SCG 003 present and the car immediately showed a great potential and speed.

vln 2015 _1
The race started at noon, local time and the weather were cold but the track was dry and conditions for racing were good. However, after hour and a half of the race, tragic accident happened when Nissan GT-R GT3 number 23 flips and crashes into the fence, killing one and injuring several spectators. The accident happened on the part of the track called “Post 80“ when Nissan driver Jann Mardenborough flipped off the track and into the spectator area. The whole thing was caught on video and as you can see, the Nissan just got airborne and catapulted itself in to fence where the spectators was standing. The driver was unhurt. Soon as the sad news of accident got to the race officials, the race was stoped and the investigation started. VLN and the race organiser are deeply touched and their thoughts are with the families and friends of the accident victims. The VLN organizers shortly after banned the all GT3 spec cars from the championship until the investigation is over. That is very hard decision to make since the GT3 cars are the most interesting on the grid.

However, that was not the only sad thing that happened on Saturday’s race. The both Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003 cars, which were running on 6th and 18th place at the moment, were black flagged for being to loud! That was a shame since the cars were running good and they were collecting valuable racing experience.


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It is sad to see this bad start of 2015 season of VLN championship but we are hoping that the season will continue as it should. The next race is in twenty days and we will see what will happened then.

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