Selling Your Car Online? Make Sure To Avoid Making These Mistakes!

October 23, 2022
Advice, Automotive

Nowadays, the best way to market a car you’d like to sell is not by placing a “Car for sale” sticker. Most sellers depend on the internet to sell because it provides exposure to a broader market. You’d increase your chances of making a sale if you place the ad on craigslist, social media, or auction sites.

Although this is the best way to sell your car, people make several mistakes – which can be costly. What are some of the mistakes you should avoid? Here are 6 of them.

Writing a bad description of the vehicle

You need to first tell the buyers about known facts about your car. It should include the vehicle’s brand, model, year of manufacture, mileage, transmission type, VIN, etc. When posting online, ensure that you have as many details about the vehicle as possible to help the buyer understand what vehicle they are about to buy.

Posting on the wrong platform

The internet offers users different platforms where you can post products that you are selling. You can post your car on Craigslist, social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or auction sites. If you are looking for an auction site, we’d recommend you to choose Carmigo over Carvana. Carnigo has exciting features that will help you get a buyer within a very short time compared to when you use the latter site.

Including low-quality images

Other than a bad description, the other mistake you shouldn’t make as you auction your car online include publishing low–quality images or a few photos to the post. Alternatively, some take pictures using a camera that doesn’t produce quality photos. Consult a social media expert if you don’t know what shots to take.

You can also ask someone (a relative or friend) who’s camera-savvy to help you take different angles of the vehicle. Take photos of the front, the back, the trunk, the interior, and everything else important to the buyer.

Sharing contact details on a public post

As people are selling their cars online, one mistake they make is sharing their contact details publicly. That’s unprofessional because adding such information there can expose you to cyber criminals. Do so privately if you have to share your phone contact or email address. Ensure that the buyers you share your phone number with are serious.

Not allowing prospects to see the car

Even after posting as many photos and videos as possible, you need to allow the buyer to see the vehicle’s condition or even test drive. It’s an essential step in the buying process. Not allowing the prospects to see the car physically can taint your image. Some may feel like you are trying to scam them. As you meet, plan to meet the buyer in a public place. Don’t meet them at home as some may not have good intentions.


These are some of the mistakes you should avoid at all costs. Ignoring these tips can lead to losing your car or selling your vehicle at a lower price than its value.