Should you make the change to an electric car?

September 27, 2021
Advice, Automotive

Electric vehicles, once the stuff of sci-fi films and billionaires’ dreams, have become a frequent sight on UK roads lately.

Buying a new car is exciting and more people are making the shift to electric vehicles. But any expensive purchase should not be made lightly. It is important you assess your finances carefully before shelling out on a big-ticket item.

Still, electric cars are the future of motoring, so we have taken a look at why you should consider switching.

UK shift to electric vehicles

In November 2020, the UK government announced a ban on new petrol and diesel car sales from 2030, paving the way for a new era of electric vehicles.

This ban will eventually move all car users to electric vehicles and phase out our dependence on fossil fuels for transport.

Zero emissions = a healthier planet

The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report had a stark message about the fundamental ways in which human-activity based emissions are changing our climate.

Electric vehicles run with zero emissions at the point of use. If their power is generated from renewable sources, this reduces their impact even further.

Reducing emissions is a vital part of protecting our planet for future generations.

Lower running costs

Many charging stations offer free charging or will fill up your batteries for a fraction of the cost of petrol or diesel.

In Scotland, electric car charging continues to be free for all electric vehicle users.

A full charge overnight at home is also considerably cheaper than topping up your tank.

In addition, many electric cars come with a lease, so servicing is all taken care of within your monthly cost.

Access to charging stations

Charging infrastructure is one of the major concerns of drivers making the switch to electric vehicles.

Companies such as Genie Point, Pod Point and GridServe are installing chargers across the UK, making it easier than ever to access charging when you need it.

Government-backed incentives

The UK government is encouraging people to switch to electric vehicles.

Incentives such as grants for home charger installation are making the switch more accessible and desirable to drivers.

Within the next decade, more and more electric cars will be hitting the UK market.

Getting ahead of the curve and switching to an electric car now makes perfect sense for your finances and the planet.

Should you make the change to an electric car? The answer is, undoubtedly, yes!