The Quickest Ways to Add Value to Your Car

Whether you are planning on selling your car imminently or not, it is always good to consider its value and how you can best stop it from hugely depreciating.

Doing the following will make your car both nicer for you and means you can get a better price for it should you choose to sell.

Keep it clean

It may seem obvious but keeping both the inside and outside of your car clean can help improve the aesthetic and financial value of your car.

More potential buyers will be willing to have a look at a clean car as there are less likely to be hidden flaws beneath layers of dirt, and the same goes for third-party sellers who you may want to use.

The best way to keep your car clean is to protect it from dirt in the first place. Investing in car mats and seat covers is an effective way to keep it in top condition. You should also regularly hoover and scrub the interior to avoid dust building up and prevent staining. If possible, avoid eating in your car and always check your shoes before getting in, as this will give you a lot less to clean up. It can also be very handy to keep a rubbish bag or small bin in your car to avoid a build-up of rubbish.

The exterior is equally as important. Taking good care of this will mean your car looks shiny and like new to any prospective buyers. Clean, or have this professionally cleaned, semi-regularly to prevent dust from drying onto your car and giving it a dull, unkept appearance.

See to physical damage

Whether you have got some paint scrapes, dents, or bumps, it is worth investing the money to get these fixed as they can take hundreds off the value of your car.

If you have a significant number of scrapes, you could even wrap your car to make it a more appealing colour and improve its overall look.

It may be that you can fix the damage yourself, but this can sometimes make the problem worse if you do not do it properly. Therefore, it is always worth at least getting a quote from a professional for having the work done.

Lowered suspension

Not only can lowering your suspension make the car more comfortable to drive, but it can also increase its value.

Doing this improves both the aerodynamics and handling of the car, meaning it is nicer to drive and more appealing to prospective buyers. It is also good if you are selling to people who are particularly concerned with safety, as lowering the suspension changes the car’s centre of gravity and reduces the risk of overturning.

Before committing to any car project, it is important to check your finances to ensure you can afford it.