Tyrrell 006 - A Story of Success and Tragedy

January 21, 2017
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The Tyrrell 006, introduced late in 1972, was the car that in the hands of Jackie Stewart won the 1973 Formula 1 World Championship.

The first Tyrrell 006 was prepared for Francois Cevert

The Tyrrell team enjoyed success during the early 1970s. The British team was among the best in the championship and in 1971 won the Constructors’ title, mainly thanks to Jackie Stewart. In the following year, Tyrrell was 2nd in the standings and the same result was achieved a year later.

Tyrrell 006 Francois Cevert 1973 Monaco Ford 005 1974 racing cars

Francois Cevert driving a Tyrrell 006 at 1973 Spanish Grand Prix

The team’s cars always were fast enough, reliable and set well. The same was the Tyrrell 006, introduced late in 1972. French driver Francois Cevert drove it in the final two races of the season, while Stewart remained in the old 005. After he has retired from Canadian Grand Prix, Cevert finished 2nd in the 1972 US Grand Prix.

New approach to design

The new car was chunky but lightweight. Designer Derek Gardner used many elements of the existing cars, including Lotus 72 which was a very competitive car. The most obvious change was the angular design of the monocoque chassis, with side-pods on both sides of the chassis and with water radiators in the nose of the car. Other notable features were inboard mounted front and rear brakes but Gardner and Stewart weren’t completely happy with them.

Tyrrell 006 1973 Monaco Ford 005 1974 racing Grand Prix cars

Jackie Stewart’s Tyrrell 006/2

Interestingly, Jackie Stewart drove Tyrrell 006 for the first time in the 3rd race of 1973 season, the South African Grand Prix and the debut was perfect as he won the race. In the two opening races of the season, Cevert was 2nd in Argentina but in Brazil, he finished out of points.

Tyrrell 006 scored three 1-2 finishes

The most of the year was really fine for Tyrrell, even after the team failed in an effort to win Constructors’ championship. However, the second place, behind Lotus, still was a good result. On the other side, Jackie Stewart was almost unstoppable on the way to his third and the last title.

Tyrrell 006 Cevert Stewart 1973 Monaco Ford 005 1974 racing Grand Prix

Francois Cevert and Jackie Stewart, 1973

After winning the South African Grand Prix, legendary driver scored other four wins (Belgium, Monaco, the Netherlands, Germany) and failed to score points only twice. At the same time, Cevert also did a nice job by finishing 2nd in no less than six races (Spain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany).

Sad end of the year despite Stewart’s triumph

The US Grand Prix was the last race of the season. Stewart already secured the title, while the new chassis was built for Cevert who crashed earlier in the Canadian Grand Prix. Sadly, the new chassis was used only once after Cevert fatally crashed during a practice session for the race at Watkins Glen.

Tyrrell 006 Jackie Stewart 1973

Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell 006, 1973 Monaco Grand Prix

Stewart was completely devastated after the death of his teammate and good friend and decided to sit out the final race of the year. Actually, it was the end of the career for the famous Scot who missed what would have been his 100th Grand Prix. Nevertheless, Stewart decided to end his career even before the start of 1973 campaign.

A couple more races for Tyrrell 006

The team was devastated before the start of 1974 season. Ken Tyrrell stayed without both of his team drivers and the new car wasn’t prepared. That’s why Jody Scheckter drove Stewart’s 006 in the opening three races of the year, while Patrick Depailler used it as a fall-back after 007’s breakdowns in other three races.

Ken Tyrrell 1973 cars Grand Prix Cevert formula team

Ken Tyrrell with Tyrrell 006, 1973 Formula 1 World Championship

The record of Tyrrell 006 isn’t impressive – five wins out of 23 races, all by Jackie Stewart, a total of 14 podiums, three pole positions, and two fastest laps. However, it is remembered as a fine example of classic British grand prix car.

Tyrrell 006 technical specifications

Chassis: Aluminium monocoque
Front suspension: Double wishbones, coil springs over shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension: single top links, twin lower links, twin trailing arms, coil springs over dampers, anti-roll bar
Wheelbase/Track (front/rear): 2.386 mm / 1.590 mm / 1.590 mm
Engine: Ford-Cosworth DFV, 2.993 cc, V8 90 degrees, mid-mounted, naturally aspirated
Power: 450 bhp at 10.000 rpm
Transmission: Hewland FG400 5-speed manual ZF differential
Brakes: ventilated inboard discs all-round
Weight: 578 kg
Fuel: Elf
Tires: Goodyear

Video – Tyrrell 006

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