Ring Knutstorp is One of the Most Popular Race Tracks in Sweden

  • Ring Knutstorp
  • Ring Knutstorp, Sweden
  • Ring Knutstorp, Sweden

Ring Knutstorp, located in Kågeröd, is one of the most popular race tracks in Sweden. The circuit was opened in 1963 and hosted many international events in the past. Currently, it is hosting mostly national and regional race meetings.

Ring Knutstorp was opened in 1963

The circuit in Kågeröd was built by the Hyllinge motorsport club, which had been formed in 1948. They created their first race course at Kågeröd in 1951, using it for motocross events. In the early 1960s, a decision was made to build a permanent race track for car racing. In 1963, a new 0.684-mile long (1,100 meters) asphalted circuit was opened.

The new track attracted much of attention on the national and international level. Among others, the Swedish F1 aces Ronnie Peterson and Reine Wisell were using as a training ground.

Ring Knutstorp

Turn 1 at Ring Knutstorp

The circuit was extended in 1970 and then shortened in 1980

However, the track was too short and it was extended in 1970, with a double-length compared to an original track. A new length was 2,200 meters.

Ten years later, due to safety concerns, the famous banked Liton corner was replaced by a tighter Gryden corner with a run-off area. The overall length of the track dropped to 2,079 meters.

Ring Knutstorp

Ring Knutstorp is a fast and flowy circuit

European Formula 3 races as the main event

During the 1970s and early 1980s, the Formula 3 European Cup was the main international event at Knutstorp. Anders Olofsson and Mauro Baldi scored the most wins, the other race winners were Conny Andersson, Beppe Gabbiani, Huub Rothengatter, Alain Prost, Mauro Baldi, Alain Ferte, Oscar Larrauri, John Nielsen and Claudio Langes.

When the European F3 Championship was dismissed after 1984, Knutstorp faded from the international scene. National racing competitions stayed there, with Swedish Touring Car Championship events as season’s highlights from 1996. The rallycross events also took part at Knutstorp occasionally.

STCC race, Ring Knutstorp, 2017

STCC race at Ring Knutstorp in 2017

Regular venue of the STCC

Since 2001, two STCC rounds annually were taking part at Knutstorp, even three rounds in 2004. Since 2011, Knutstorp is a regular host of the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship. The record holder with eleven victories in touring car races is Richard Göransson. Fredrik Ekblom collected nine wins, Jan Nilsson was the winner eight times.

Although there are no notable international events, the track remains among the busiest in Sweden. The calendar is full of different activities, including track days, club meetings, testing events, educations…

Ring Knutstorp layout

Map: Ring Knutstorp track layout

Address: Ring Knutstorp, 268 05 Kågeröd, Sweden

Phone: +46 418 840 40

Official website: www.ringknutstorp.com

Photos: Ring Knutstorp FB, STCC,

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