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March 26, 2015
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  • SCG 003

James Glickenhaus is an American investor, movie producer, and avid collector of classic racing cars, especially Ferraris. Glickenhaus was already known in the classic car circles as one of the world’s top collectors of Pininfarina-made race cars but the general automotive audience first heard of him when he took his Ferrari Enzo and hired Pininfarina design company to make him a completely new body, calling it Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina in 2007.

Video – SCG 003 Competizione on track: a gallery of both visual and audio presentations

Glickenhaus prepared the SCG 003 for racing

The concept and the car became very popular and Glickenhaus wanted to go racing. However, there were problems with the Enzo chassis and the Ferrari factory forced the team to race the P4/5 with F430 mechanics. The car finished 39th in the 2011 24 Hours Nürburgring (after a fire), and in 2012 won its class and finished 12th overall, which was a great success.

Red Ferrari P4/5 racing

Ferrari P4/5

SCG project started with Ferrari but…

After the Ferrari distanced itself from the P4/5 project in 2011, Glickenhaus started developing a new strategy for both a sports and a competitive car. He drew his inspiration from the glorious days of racing when racers drove their cars to the track, performed necessary service and tune, raced and then drove them home after. His idea was to create a modern race car built from scratch and with an affordable price, which would participate in GT classes but with technology and design comparable to higher LMP class.

SCG 003 engine expo

SCG 003 engine

The premiere was at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show

The vehicle had to be street legal, road driven, and raced in the same day, so Glickenhaus established a Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) team and started constructing a new car. After a few years of development, the first fully operational prototype was tested in late 2014. Named SCG 003 Competizione, the new car is still in camouflage livery since the official premiere was in Geneva Auto Show in March of 2015.

SCG 003 scuderia render

SCG 003 Scuderia sideview

True GT racer with Le Mans technology

Some basic specifications are known. The SCG 003C is built around a full-length carbon-fiber monocoque and uses an on-board suspension setup which is very effective on track but tough on the street, since the suspension components use the interior space. However, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus insists on drivers having a certain level of comfort in driving on public roads. The power is supplied by two engines: one for road and one for racing.

The road engine is still yet to be specified twin-turbo W12 (possibly Audi), which the car will use for the drive to the track. During the preparations for the event, mechanics will change the W12 and put a Honda-built 3,5 liters HR35TT V6 engine, developed for endurance sports car racing. The raceing engine will deliver around 500 bhp which brings it in line with other engines in the GT class.

Yellow SCG 003 C Scuderia racing

SCG 003 Competizione

What is the main goal?

The first official race after the winter testing was at 2015 Nürburgring 24 Hours and it performed well all through the season, breaking the lap record at ‘Green Hell’. However, according to Glickenhaus, the ultimate goal is to drive the car to Le Mans in 2016, race it, and then drive it back to Paris in time for dinner on Sunday evening.


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